Every job requires you to perform certain obligations. Some workers may only execute one duty over and over again, where others will have a multitude of duties that their role necessitates. An example of this would be an employee functioning in a warehouse. Their role would include various duties such as forklift driving, shrink-wrapping, sweeping, packing, and unpacking deliveries. In comparison, a tollbooth worker would just have the one duty to stand in the booth and take cash over and over again.

Anytime you are moving you are exerting yourself physically. Sometimes what can occur is these everyday roles can cause physical repercussions with your health. This can be either because you are performing the action incorrectly or something in the working environment is wrong for what you are doing.

ErgonomicsWays that you might be contributing to physical injury or depletion could be having improper posture, not varying your range of motion repetitively, using way too much force, not complying with weight limits for lifting, or not observing safety regulations. Factors in your environment which could lead to problems are things like vibration, temperature, outdated or incorrect equipment, and bad lighting.

Things to think about that some employers aren’t aware of:

· Too much heat will increase the onset of fatigue

· Cold hands and feet will reduce muscle movement and accuracy, slow down blood supply to muscles, and affect strength.

· Poor lighting not only increases risk of accidents, but often leads to bad posture which results in more physical problems.

· Regular breaks can enhance productivity by reducing fatigue and giving people time to recover from exertion.

· Bad posture has a negative impact on the way muscles work together and support each other.

· If you require your employees to reach, bend, kneel or hold up, around or out you should ensure the work is not too repetitive and they have appropriate breaks otherwise you could be seen as negligent.

· Insufficient tools, work areas, or incorrectly trained methods can result in poor posture, which can then result in the above mentioned other physical problems.

· Not enough space left for workers to perform their job means they may be forced to do things the wrong way, leading in injury.

All of the above can be easily prevented if employers put in the time to ensure the environment is right for the work being performed and employees are properly educated. If there is a concern, fixing it immediately could save your workers health and also save you money on compensation.