Motor vehicles are the most visible signs that we have progressed as a society. No urban environment would be complete without this invention. Most people see them as a convenience, enabling them to get from one place to another, without having to endure all of the hassles that public transportation usually offers.  Don’t get me wrong, public transportation is necessary, but it is not for everyone.  This way of traveling requires more time, so that may offset the convenience of saving money.

As motor vehicles become more and more available, roads become more and much more congested. With more people driving on the roads, it is inevitable that car wrecks occur and people get hurt. Statistically speaking, car wrecks have been happening more and more over the last decade. The statistics also show that there are certain types of injuries that have become common to most car collisions during that time period.

What are the most common injuries?

Injuries sustained in car accidentsHead and neck injuries are listed as being the most common when people are involved a car accident. The face, as an example, can suffer cuts from shattered glass or shrapnel from that impact. Dental injuries are also possible.  This is especially true for people in the driver’s seat or who were close to some of the equipment in the car. Mental health and wellness problems and head trauma are also possibilities. Concussions are not uncommon among car accident-related injuries. You have to remember that when a collision occurs, your body jerks and comes to an immediate stop.  This is where the concussions and other internal injuries occur.

Some people also are inclined to experience anxiety for some time after the accident, though this is much rarer than physical injuries. The very most common mental health concerns associated to a car accident would be helping the victims overcome the stress of being involved in the accident, as well as the chance of post-traumatic anxiety disorder.

The body, however, is much more likely to absorb most of the damage created by a car wreck. Abdominal injuries and legs issues can lead in chronic pain for prolonged periods after an accident. In some cases, accident survivors have had to endure lower back soreness for many years since their bodies never fully recovered from the damage. Joint pain and damage to leg muscles can also occur for those who are involved in relatively minor accidents or were not at the point of impact. Parts of the body that have been cut or injured during the accident might also develop an infection, depending on how quickly the cut was addressed by first responders.


Broken bones and torn muscles are most common among car accident victims.  The likely areas to be affected vary depending on the specifics of the accident. Simple and compound fractures of the bones happen frequently.  This will typically require extensive time to repair and recover. This can take four weeks or more.  Quite often, surgery may be needed to repair some of the damage that was done. As stated earlier, the most frequent injuries that occur are trauma and damage to the legs and possibly the torso. Some injuries may not be obvious at first and can only be treated after the victim has been given a full examination. Always get the exam, even if you you feel ok.  Pain can arise at any time after the incident.  Removal of some of the shrapnel from the impact may also require surgery if it enters too deeply into the body.

If you have been in an accident, it is important that you speak with a lawyer.  Attorneys are equipped to deal with the Insurance companies and help you get the compensation that you need.  Let us know if you want to set up a free consultation.