Here is a Raleigh automobile accident checklist in case you are in an automobile accident.

I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve have been in a car accident before. Granted, it wasn’t my mistake at all (both my viewpoint and the insurance company’s opinion).  Nevertheless, once it happened, I understood that I should have been better prepared.  There are things that I could have done better.  Since I recognized this, I decided to create a list for traits and items to have in case of a vehicle wreck.

Here is what I came up with.

Insurance Papers

Raleigh Automobile Accident ChecklistMake certain you have your current insurance papers.  I say this because I have seen many people just throw the insurance card in the glove compartment.  They also leave the old ones in there.  If and when you need the current one, it may take a while to find it.  You need to be prepared to give it to the other party involved in the accident in case they have to see them. If the Police show up on the scene, you know they will want to see proof of insurance. In most states, having vehicle insurance is mandatory for the operation of a motor vehicle and you can be fined if you do not have any insurance. Ensure that you insurance documents remain in order before finding out that it is required to have.

Pen and paper

Guess what? The majority of people (myself included up until just recently) do not carry about the needed equipment (such as pen and paper) in order to jot down the other party’s info for insurance claim functions. Ensure you purchase some pens that in fact have ink in them and some decent paper in order to write the motorist’s info.  Stow these convenient products in your glove box and you’ll be prepared.

Digital cam or cell phone electronic camera

This can be available in quite useful in the case of a disagreement of facts over exactly what occurred at a mishap. After the mishap happens, taking a few snap shots of both your car and the other person’s car may be great evidence if there is a trial or if either insurance company attempts to deny obligation. Be sure your phone is charged.  There is nothing worse than needing your mobile device for an emergency, and the battery is at 5%.  Use your mobile phone camera to take some on the scene snap shots.

There are an entire lot of other important suggestions to always remember. Just try to be prepared for the unexpected.  Remember, being organized and paying attention to detail is key.

Luckily, I have only been in one automobile accident. Once it took place, I understood that I need to have been much better prepared for the vehicle mishap the day it occurred. Since I understood this, I decided to create a list for traits to have in case of a car mishap. After the mishap takes place, taking a few snap shots of both your automobile and the other person’s automobile is important.  Insurance companies do not want to pay out ANY money, so the more proof you have, the better.