What Is Personal Injury Case Worth?  Personal Injury Lawyer Raleigh

If you are in Raleigh, NC and you are in a car accident, you may have questions on certain issues.  For example, you may ask us, the personal injury lawyer Raleigh NC, what is my personal injury case worth?

There are a few things that we look at.  The main thing we look at here is:

How much insurance coverage is available

We will get defendants policy and determine how much coverage they have.

We will also check your policy for a couple of coverages:  Uninsured and underinsured coverage.  You may not know if you have this coverage, and if you do, that is a bonus that works in your favor.  We will also check to see what other coverages there are so they can be applied.

In general you will then get a total amount, and this will be the cap on what damaged are available.

The next thing we will determine is:

Who caused the accident

personal injury lawyer in raleigh ncWho is at fault?  Is this clear?  If we know that the other person caused the accident and there is no doubt about that, we then need to determine the extent of your injuries.  This is where an attorney comes into play, because the insurance company will most likely say that your injuries are not serious, so you do not need an attorney.  Do not listen to this type of rhetoric.  You should always call an attorney if you have injuries stemming from an automobile accident.

You call a lawyer to make sure you are doing everything correctly.  Your injuries are not always apparent–it might take some time before you start to feel them.

Let’s say you start to feel a slight pain in your neck.  You might go to the doctor to determine the extent of the injury.  The doctor may take it slow and give you pills for the pain.  Eventually, this might not be enough.  You may end up needing surgery, or you may need to take injections for the next few years.  This means that your neck probably never be the same.

This would be a high-value case, assuming the defendant is at fault for the accident.

The bottom line is that your case worth would be tied to the significance of your injuries and who was at fault in the accident.  Insurance companies will not deal with you fairly, so it is imperative that you at least speak with a lawyer to discuss your options.

In general, it really is impossible for a Personal Injury Lawyer Raleigh NC to predict what a case is worth without knowing the facts.  For purposes here, someone who needs pain pills and physical therapy would have a case that is less valuable than someone who needs injections or surgery.  If you have more body parts involved, the case would have more value.

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts, and you just might need a lawyer to sort all of that out.  Contact us today if you have questions or have been in an accident.  Contact the best Personal Injury Lawyer Raleigh NC, and you will be well represented.